Support for people and communities in Kent


We are delighted to be recipients of a grant from Cantiacorum Foundation and to share our story about the impact of this wonderful support.

Not just a break – a proper holiday! Revitalise is the largest provider of respite holidays in the UK. By combining expert 24-hour nurse-led care and the personal support of volunteers with imaginative excursions and great live entertainment, all in a relaxed environment, we give our guests something truly unique - a break that feels like a proper holiday. Underpinning all we do is one simple, immutable belief - everybody

needs a break.


Revitalise could not achieve this without the generous support of organisations such as Cantiacorum Foundation, who recognise and value the important work we do.  Cantiacorum Foundation’s recent donation of £4,800 enabled Revitalise to reach out with a respite lifeline to the many disabled people and carers of Kent. One recent beneficiary of Revitalise’s support was Lesley, carer for her partner Graham, who recently visited us for a respite holiday.  Without the support of organisations like  Cantiacorum Foundation, all that Revitalise aspires to would be little more than a pipe dream.

Founders:  Mr Donald Beerling MBE   Mrs Poppy Beerling

Founded on 1st April 2011

Registered Charity No.1141661

PO Box 1255   Lincoln  LN5 5PP

Trustees:   Mr Colin Kemp (Chairman)   Mrs Pauline Kemp

Mrs Alison Hurton (Secretary)    Mr Anthony Hurton

Mrs Nicola Hurton   Mr Christopher Hurton   Mrs Fiona McBarron




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