Support for people and communities in Kent


The Foundation’s support

of this programme is vital for

people across Kent.

“Macmillan is here to help people affected by cancer live their lives to the full. We give them the support they need to hold on to who they are and what’s important to them".


So we’re hugely grateful to Cantiacorum Foundation for donating £1,000 towards our Macmillan Grants Programme in Kent. Macmillan Grants help people with the financial effects of a cancer diagnosis. This makes money one less worry, reducing stress and anxiety, and ensuring that people can focus on treatment and recovery.

Founders:  Mr Donald Beerling MBE   Mrs Poppy Beerling

Founded on 1st April 2011

Registered Charity No.1141661

PO Box 1255   Lincoln  LN5 5PP

Trustees:   Mr Colin Kemp (Chairman)   Mrs Pauline Kemp

Mrs Alison Hurton (Secretary)    Mr Anthony Hurton

Mrs Nicola Hurton   Mr Christopher Hurton   Mrs Fiona McBarron




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